About the PCT

The PCT is part of the National Trails System Act (1968) intended to promote and provide public access to outdoor enjoyment of wilderness areas and natural wonders. The PCT is 1 of 11 National Scenic Trails and is approximately 2,650 miles in length (2,663 miles if passing the border to Manning Park, Canada). The trail is maintained primarily by volunteers through the Pacific Crest Trail Association (PCTA) providing a clear and remarkable path for hiker benefit.


Thru-hiking is an exciting challenge where people hike the entire length of the PCT in one season. Such a feat is restricted to specific windows of opportunity constrained by seasonal barriers and dangerous conditions. People often start their hike in April at the border of Mexico in Campo, CA if traveling North Bound (NOBO). Sometimes people choose to travel South Bound (SOBO), starting in early July at the border of Canada near Manning Park.

The trail follows the western mountain ranges through California, Oregon, and Washington. The route has been split into five sections, each with unique environments, national parks, and specific challenges for hikers.

The PCTA is a non-profit organization that  protects, preserves, and promotes the trail and the culture thriving among it. They provide several training and educational opportunities especially for trail maintenance, construction, and restoration. I encourage you to check out amazing photos at the PCTA photo gallery and annual photo contest. Every PCT hiker and equestrian tips their hat to the PCTA for being an excellent host.

Many people, friends and family, want to help me along the trail. Everyone is very excited for me and I appreciate their support. I want to accept help and

Imagery from Google Earth


have struggled to find ways for people to aid me in my journey...after all, I have rigorously planned everything I need for the hike, planned my schedule to the very day, and cut every bit of "extra" I do not need down the the half ounce.  

So, if you manage to find a way to send me cookies on the trail...first, thank you. Second, I will have three and pass the rest out to everyone in the post office and anyone on my way out of town. I also can't accept a hot shower at everyone's home that is within 50 miles of the trail. Every time I hear an offer though, I feel the love and that means a lot to me.

But if you still want to give, you can support me by donating to the PCTA. Seriously, I can't give them enough praise or credit for the work they do...2,650 miles of honest hand labor primarily with volunteer work is just one of the many things. I will certainly be enjoying their craft every step of the way (along with the hard work of the Forest Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, and State Parks). Help me help them...who are helping me.