Sketches and Art

Sharing My Artwork

Sketching is an art form that I have wanted to revisit and practice. Not to mention that it is easy to carry in an ultra-light equipment setup (excluding the Sumi Ink gear). It can seem simple, but is challenging to observe so much detail and translate it into a quick stroke. I often get too occupied with wanting to capture exactly what I see into "ultra-realism", which sometimes suppresses me from doing art. 

There's something to be said about sketching and stylized art; it is loose, forgiving, quick, and intriguing to the eye. Pen sketching is new to me and I'm fascinated by its techniques. I am equally new and excited about learning Sumi Ink style sketching/painting. The realm of sketching is a good place to let go of some control, reduce insecurities of sharing art, and not take one's self too seriously; I believe this is the challenge of sketching (and something I want to practice). So please enjoy as I try to make sense of what I see beyond a photograph.