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I invite you to follow me as I make my journey along the PCT. Besides my blogs and photos that I upload to this website, you can see my progress by viewing my recorded locations on Track Leaders. In addition, you can view my Instagram posts on this page.



Track Leader Map

To see my location on a map, click the happy ping below to access the map on the Track Leaders website. Find my ID "Murph" in the right hand column; it should be under the year 2019. All of my check-in locations will be arrayed somewhere along the PCT as well as additional statistics and trail details. 

**Please know that this map is for your entertainment and not to be used for emergency purposes. I have safety systems in place and people helping me in the rare circumstance of an emergency. Please do no not call for search and rescue despite what you may see on the map. Many thanks!

New Info!

Please keep in mind that the data on this map is very inaccurate! The location of my check-in is pretty accurate, but it is best to cross check my location with halfmiles's google earth KMZ file if you would like to know more about which mile I'm at and other points of interest. Also, my SPOT device has malfunctioned just before Mammoth Lakes on top of Silver Pass. There may be missing data points between Silver Pass and Lake Tahoe.

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Follow me on Instagram for more photos and everyday life on the trail. The photos below are only some of many posts that I share, so I encourage you to find me on Instagram to see more. Click my name below to reach my page and click follow.