Northern California Section

Depending on the defined starting location, the Northern California Section is about 500 miles from Tahoe/Truckee to the Oregon border. The trail makes its way northwest and through the Trinity Alps; along which, Mount Shasta can be seen nearby. The mile marker for the Oregon border going NOBO is mile 1,689. 

This section is lower in elevation than most of the Sierra section. Much of the Northern California Section hosts recent volcanic environments (recent as in young in the world of geology) providing rich soils for lush forests. The trail passes through vast volcanic lands, including the Lassen Volcanic Wilderness. Included in the many wonders of the PCT is Burney Falls, a waterfall among the Southern Cascades.

Although this is the third section in California, it has the mileage equivalent to another state. For many hikers, reaching the Oregon border seems to be a major landmark of achievement. California hosts diverse environments from desert to high mountains and snow, back to hot, humid, and buggy conditions...always with beautiful views. California is nearly two-thirds of the PCT, and to reach its end is bittersweet and full of memories.

Tahoe is a family favorite vacation. I'm looking forward to revisiting the area and exploring further north.