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Updated: May 9, 2019

I think people get excited by the idea of a grand adventure and challenge like the PCT. One of the ways we can gauge the desire for a journey, like the PCT, is by talking about it with others. And when a person shows determination to carry out their adventure, you can't help but visualize yourself doing the same thing. It is thrilling to imagine the scenery, solitude, and people; and almost equally nerve-racking to imagine the challenges one might encounter. And after imagining such a journey, to hear someone say “I’m going to do it…” is inspiring. I’ve talked with folks about their hike and viewed who knows how many vlogs...and now I’m going to hike the PCT.

When discussing the PCT, people have many questions, especially about logistics and often some about bears. I've decided to create this web page to share my PCT adventure, from planning to finish and perhaps itch some of those questions. Know that not every detail will be posted, but I hope there is enough to inspire. No doubt, there will always be more questions and curiosities; although I'd like to be your source for solace, know that there are several wonderful ports of information on the web. I'd start with youtubing "PCT"...there's some great stuff people have shared.

Since you are here, check out some of the details about my plans or, if you are a gear-head, some of the gear I will be taking on my trip. While on the trail, I plan to post lots of photos and occasionally blogs when I can. Of course, know that my plans are only plans and will need constant adjustment or simply go awry…there’s only so much I can know before the hike, and so much more to find out while hiking…after all, that is a glorious part of an adventure. So please enjoy!

"You're lost in the woods. We all are...The only difference is the woods is the only place where I can see a clear path."
- Firefly
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